The Guv'nor Revealed - The Untold Story of Lenny McLean - Lee Wortley & Anthony Thomas

The Guv'nor Revealed - The Untold Story of Lenny McLean

  • Release Date: Oct 5th, 2017
  • Genre: True Crime


Lenny McLean - an infamous name, but forever a legend. He is arguably one of the most notorious and feared prize-fighters this country has ever produced.

Not only was he a mountain of a man and a true fighter, feared on the streets of gangland London and outside the clubs whose doors he manned in the heart of the capital, he was also an old-school East Ender, who took pride in operating on a gentleman's code despite the often-dangerous world he lived in. His life was cut all-too-short, just as it was taking a new, previously unimaginable direction after his role in Guy Ritchie's Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels but he remains loved by those who knew him.

The Guv'nor Revealed uncovers parts of Lenny McLean's life not previously explored, with shared memories from his close friends, family and various other acquaintances who crossed his path one way or another during his lifetime.

Lenny McLean was one of a kind; infamous for his brute strength but also loved for his protective heart. Collated from years of interviews, Lee Wortley and Anthony Thomas bring you an array of thrilling, and often touching and amusing, testimonies from those closest to him and a new insight into the life of The Guv'nor.


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